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self-service BI reporting

Flexible & Powerful reporting system for Shopify will meet your unique business needs.


50+ built-in reports

Get reports that fulfill your requirements. The platform offers several dozens of prebuilt reports and provides the functionality to create custom reports.

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Custom reports & fields

Create any kind of custom reports to fit the business requirements. A user interface allows easily add new columns, group and aggregate data, set filters, and define sort order.


One click export

Fast export any export to one of the appropriate formats: CSV, Excel XLSX, HTML, PDF, or JSON.

self-service BI reporting
Interactive dashboards

Quickly get vital metrics on your store on the dashboard


Sales Overview

Easy-to-explore interactive dashboards allow an overview of live data and visualize key metrics in one place.


Drag & Drop

Easly pin required metrics or grids to the dashboard and drill down to detail if needed.

shopify dashboard
Email notifications

No need to open the app each time, just open the email


Scheduled Emails

Mipler can be sent reports directly to your email automatically by schedule. You can combine reports, and time frames and set schedules to send.


Daily Look

The daily look email contains all necessary key metrics to overview store health without opening detailed reports.

shopify email report
Available Data

The platform is fully integrated with Shopify and allows to build reports by:

  • Orders with meta fields
  • Order Items
  • Draft orders
  • Refunds
  • Transactions
  • Checkouts
  • Fulfillments with meta fields
  • Customers
  • Products with mesta fields and attributes
  • Product Variants
  • Inventory Levels
  • Locations
  • Payouts with transactions

Pre-built reports

Mipler Advanced Reports currently offers 56 pre-built Shopify reports with the list being constantly expanded.

Sales & Order Reports
Refunds Reports
  • Refunds by Item
  • Refunds
  • Product Return Rate
  • Payouts
  • Payout Transactions
  • Transactions
  • Transactions by Gateway
Customer Reports
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Customer Tags
  • Customers Without Orders
  • First-time vs Returning Customer Sales
  • Customers with More Than 3 Orders
GEO reports
  • Sales by Country
  • Sales by Province/State
  • Sales by City
Order Details Report
Tax Reports
  • Tax Collected (Monthly)
  • Tax Details
  • Tax per Country
  • Tax per State
Custom reports

Create a custom report to accommodate your needs for analytics. Our support team can help you to build it.

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Inventory Reports
Fulfillment Reports
  • Shipping Report
  • Order Pending Fulfillment
  • Unfulfilled orders
  • Fulfilled Orders
  • Products Orders
Shopify Report List

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