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Shopify Inventory Management Solution

Efficiently Manage Your Shopify Store's Growth with Proven Inventory Planning and Forecasting Solutions

How does Shopify Inventory Planner work?

Immediately after the installation of our Shopify app, we synchronize your products, variants, inventory items, locations, and recent sales. Then, based on sales and inventory history, we calculate the estimated sales velocity metric for each product.

Using this data, we can predict demand and provide actionable insights about replenishments, stockouts, and overstock.

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Ready-to-use Shopify Inventory Reports

Inventory management begins with accurate reporting, which is why we offer a best-in-class reporting solution for Shopify inventory management.

Inventory Replenishment Report

Inventory Replenishment Report is a foundational report that provides a list of products that should be replenished in the nearest time.

Inventory Overstock Report

Based on sales history, we can detect products that are overstocked. By addressing these products, you can significantly improve the inventory turnover rate.

Inventory Stockouts Report

If a product wasn't replenished in time, it has likely already stockouted in the near future. Identify such products and take action.

Dead Stock Report

Products without recent sales or with a declining sales trend can be classified as dead stock. Offering discounts is the best way to optimize inventory for such products.

ABC Analysis Report

ABC Analysis is very common, but still a powerful report to understand which products should be given first priority. Additionally, this report is configurable, allowing adjustments for time and percentages.

Custom Reports

Along with built-in reporting solutions, we provide the ability to extend reports by using over 500 different columns and also filter with nested conditions.

Inventory Alerts

Restocking inventory in a timely manner is a crucial task in inventory management. Email alerts enable you to receive instant or scheduled notifications about inventory that requires attention.

Low Stock Products Alert

The configurable low stock product alert allows you to receive an email containing a list of products with an on-hand quantity below the configurable minimum.

Replenishment Alert

The replenishment email alert is similar to the low stock alert but uses the restock point as the key comparison metric, i.e., alerting based on forecasted demand.

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