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Automate Data Processing with a Modern Reporting Tool

Mipler allows you to efficiently and securely build, save, visualize, and share reports for your business needs.

Build Custom Reports with Report Builder

The data-modeling layer defines what data is stored, how it is related, and how to use it for reporting.

Report Builder allows you to create brand new reports using any available data.


Create Custom Columns, Measures, and Formulas

You can create new columns directly in the Report Builder or define them in the data layer for use across different reports.


Simple Filtration or Nested Filters

You can filter data by any column or even use complicated conditions like "(filterA and filterB) or (filterA and filterC)" or "filterA and (filterB or filterC)"

Export Data Quickly and Easily

Exporting reports allows you to store and share report data in a variety of formats. This makes it easy to share information with colleagues, partners, or other stakeholders.

Reports can be exported in formats such as XLSX, CSV, PDF, and HTML, making it convenient to share information in a range of different ways.

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Integration with Google Sheets

You can use Google Sheet formulas to directly insert data from the platform into a sheet, which will be automatically updated by Google on a regular basis.

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Share Reports by Unique Link

A unique link provides authorized access to the report without requiring the recipient to login. The link is secured and can be revoked at any time by the sender.

This feature makes sharing reports with external users and clients easy, secure, and always returns real-time data.

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