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Integration with Google Sheets

Connect Shopify and Google Sheets to keep data synced across your spreadsheets.

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How does Shopify Sheets Connector work?

The Mipler Shopify Data Connector adds a new =MQL(...) function to Google Sheets, allowing you to add any data to your tables.
And what's very important - all data is automatically updated.

Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
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Live Data

Ready-to-use Google Sheets templates for Shopify

Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Sales Dashboard

The simple template illustrates how to add basic metrics to sheets and use on-the-fly filters.

Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Recent Order List

The template contains a list of recent orders (updates automatically) for the last 30 days. By default, we have included only common columns, but it can easily be extended with any column that you need, additional filters, sorters, and so on.

Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
YOY Comparison + YTD stats

Effortlessly track year-over-year comparisons and year-to-date statistics with precision using our YOY Comparison + YTD Stats feature. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis at your fingertips.

Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Inventory Planner

Optimize your Shopify store's inventory management with our meticulously crafted Google Sheets template designed for efficient and strategic inventory planning.

Connect Shopify to Google Sheets

Follow 3 simple steps to connect your Shopify store to Google Sheets and start uploading the necessary data in real-time.
Install Shopify App
To begin, you need to add our Shopify application to your store. Besides providing built-in reports, the application grants Google Sheets access to the data.
Enable Google Sheet Addon
The next step is to enable the Mipler: Data Connector add-on in your Google Sheets document, which communicates with the Shopify application.
Insert Data to Sheets
After these basic installation steps, you can fully utilize our solution and add any data to your tables.

A simple formula yields immediate results

Here's an example of how you can load data into your Shopify store with a single formula.

DESCRIPTION: MQL functions provide access to Shopify data through Advanced Query Language (QL) Syntax.
=MQL(Expression, [arg1], [arg2], ...)

Return the overall number of orders.

=MQL("calculate(orders.count, is_in_range(orders.processed_at, LAST30DAYS))")

Return the number of orders placed within the last 30 days.

=MQL("summarize_columns([orders.processed_at,, orders.amount])")

Return a simple list of orders with 3 columns.

Why do users rave about us?

Shopify reviews are the best illustration of Mipler's value for customers.

Average Rating
This is a great app! So many different report types to choose from. It really helped me understand more about my sales and my inventory.
It works great on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop. There are lots of customisation options, filters and sorting options. It really does help you maximise your use of your Shopify data.
I highly recommend!
Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Marsden & Whittle
United Kingdom
Really great reporting app! It helped us do everything we needed and more. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for more in-depth reporting.
Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
High Camp Flasks
United Kingdom
We needed some detailed reports done in order to help with our sales tax collection. Our 3rd party tax help required some specific data that was not available in the regular Shopify reports, so a Shopify rep recommended Advanced Reports.
When I couldn't find exactly what I needed, I reached out for help and Denis was incredibly fast to respond and help me find exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this app!
Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Obsessed Garage
The product is clear and simple to use and is easy to customise. It also has the option to pull pretty much any data field from our website. Plus, on the chat, team has been endlessly helpful. Not only are his answers actually solutions to my queries, he is incredibly prompt with his responses which suggest to me I can trust he is very knowledgeable of his product and understanding of customer needs.
Plus he comes across as very friendly and happy to help.
Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Seal Medical
Incredible support team. The support team worked with us to create terrific custom fields and reports.
They did all the heavy lifting and really cleaned up our data!
Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
Insurance Education Association
So much information at our fingertips! Love the ability to customize reports to view information when and how I need to see it. Support has been great, Denis has been a great help!
Integration with Google Sheets Mipler Reports
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