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How to Hide Out of Stock Products in Shopify May 28, 2024

Learn all ways to hide out-of-stock products in Shopify. Read about automated collections, drafting, unpublishing, and more

What is Valuation of Inventory | How to Value Inventory, Methods May 15, 2024

Uncover the secrets of inventory valuation: learn its importance, methods of inventory valuation, and how to apply them effectively. Dive in for expert insights!

What are Tags in Shopify? Shopify Tagging Guide May 06, 2024

Boost Your Shopify Store`s Visibility: Master the art of using tags with our detailed guide. Discover strategies to effectively utilize tags, optimize your collections, and enhance your store`s online presence for maximum impact.

How to Add Facebook Meta Tag to Shopify May 02, 2024

Domain verification on Facebook can be done in a few different ways. Read about all of them and discover why domain verification matters

Sub Collection in Shopify: How to Create Apr 24, 2024

Learn how to create sub collections in Shopify to organize products effectively. Add categories, subcategories, and nested collections effortlessly.

How to Add Meta Tag in Shopify Apr 12, 2024

Meta tags are important for modern web navigation. Discover what they are and how to add meta tags to your store in different ways

How to remove tags from Shopify Mar 25, 2024

Learn how to identify and remove unnecessary tags in Shopify. Discover why tags are important for organizing products and what tags are worth using the most.

Inventory Reports – What is & Examples of Inventory Reports Mar 15, 2024

Maximize Your Inventory Efficiency: Dive into our comprehensive guide on Inventory Reports. Learn through real-world examples how to optimize tracking, analyze data, and elevate your inventory management to new heights of productivity.

Shopify Better Reports – Mipler Reporting App Feb 19, 2024

Reports allow you to keep track of your resources, analyze commerce, find weak spots, and much more. They are especially important to use reports for large shops dealing with the number of processes no pen and paper can handle. That’s why w

Can you Split Payments in Shopify | How to Accept Partial Payment Feb 16, 2024

In the realm of online commerce, ensuring a diverse array of payment options is paramount for the prosperity of any digital venture. A sought-after functionality for merchants is the capacity to bifurcate payments or

13 Reporting Tools in Business Intelligence | What is BI Jan 25, 2024

We may begin this article with the phrase "Business Intelligence Reporting Tools is..." as a textbook definition, but our intention is to present this interesting aspect of your business in a useful and memorable manner.

Shopify Collections: How to Create and Add Products to Collection Jan 09, 2024

Users' experience with your website is crucial for stable business growth. Buyers won’t shop in the store where they can’t find items they need and have to battle the UI constantly. This is why adding products to collections in Shopify is

Shopify Tax ID Number: Do I Need an EIN & How to Get It Dec 27, 2023

This is an important question that worries all business owners - how to formalize the company's activities properly and not have problems with taxes and the law in the future. Each country has its taxation features, so first, you need to unde

Shopify Product Variants: How to Add and How Many Variants Dec 26, 2023

Nowadays, shops sell items with diversity and customization options in mind. Industries grew through the decades, and customers' desires grew with them. Now, buyers want more than just functionality. Stores must entice them with different col

The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Reports: Understanding Your Data Dec 14, 2023

Every store generates a lot of data from interactions with customers. Shopify’s system records all these metrics, analyzes them, and displays them through dashboards and shopify reports. The system automatically generates the funda

Elevate Your Ecommerce Game: 5+ Strategic Applications of Business Intelligence in Ecommerce Dec 13, 2023

The constant growth of the e-commerce industry has led to the gradual adoption of practices that have proven successful in other sectors. By practices, we mean many processes, reports, metrics, approaches, and more. Business Intellige

From Raw Data to Ecommerce Success: ETL for E-commerce Dec 11, 2023

E-commerce is growing every year, and it seems that this trend is unstoppable. Customers are gradually shifting from offline to online purchases, and this trend is accelerating every day. Every new study confirms the growth of the e-commerce

Consolidate All Data in One Place: Power of ETL for Shopify Stores Dec 06, 2023

The share of online purchases is constantly increasing, driven by changing paradigms and the proliferation of internet stores. The trend of selling products on marketplaces, which has seen significant growth in recent years, is slowing down.

How to integrate Shopify with external reporting systems Dec 04, 2023

In the modern world, where market competition is constantly on the rise and technological changes provide new tools and opportunities almost daily, ensuring the stability and continuous growth of a business is crucial. It's not only important

How to connect Shopify to Google Sheets Oct 16, 2023

Google Sheets and Shopify - a new era in e-commerce Google Sheets, along with offline applications like Excel, Numbers, or OpenOffice, are typical tools for working with digital data arrays and are the most convenient tools for variou

A complete guide to e-commerce product performance analysis Aug 19, 2022

What is eCommerce product analysis? eCommerce product analysis is an analysis performed on data, that is directly related to your store products. The various sets of data collected for the same products allow you to get a clear and pr

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