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How to connect Shopify to Google Sheets Oct 16, 2023

Google Sheets and Shopify - a new era in e-commerce Google Sheets, along with offline applications like Excel, Numbers, or OpenOffice, are typical tools for working with digital data arrays and are the most convenient tools for variou

A complete guide to e-commerce product performance analysis Aug 19, 2022

What is eCommerce product analysis? eCommerce product analysis is an analysis performed on data, that is directly related to your store products. The various sets of data collected for the same products allow you to get a clear and pr

Demand Planning & Inventory Forecasting and how to do it Jun 16, 2022

Accurate inventory forecasting and demand planning are essential for any store that work with its own warehouses. The precise forecast allows for preventing out-of-stock for trending products, reduces overstocks, and in time identity dead inv

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