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Track necessary store KPIs, and adjust metrics and charts per your needs.

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2000+ Shopify stores using Mipler for growth
This app is awesome for reporting. Alva Fitness, United States
Fantastic support! Plus it comes with some great default reports Apnée Santé, Canada
So many different report types to choose from. It really helped me understand more about my sales and my inventory. Marsden & Whittle, United Kingdom
This app is an excellent tool! I use it to give need-to-know information directly to team members that need it. Trask Performance, United States
I really like this app as it's really easy to customise and there's a lot of flexibility with the data Tabitha Foundation, Singapore
This app helped me to define our retail and wholesale average order value independently. Little Difference, New Zealand
Phenomenal customer service that helped us write custom reporting for our unique business needs. Daman Products, United States
Fast, customisable and accurate reporting, customer service is great, fast and efficient and always willing to help. PA Hair Extensions, Australia
The reports cover pretty much all my needs. Elly Pistol, Sweden
This app is exactly what I needed to generate detailed reports Vino Vegas LLC, United States
Make it valuable for you

Adjust the Shopify dashboard exactly how you need it.

Add new metrics, charts, and tables that are useful for you with a few clicks.

Create custom filters for each block or for all blocks at the same time.

magento 2 report filtration
Don't overwhelm yourself

Use different dashboards for different purposes.

Add as many dashboards as you need. Sales overview, product performance analysis, accounting, customers, and so on.

magento 2 report filtration
investigate deeper

Gain clarity with data drill-down.

Drill down from aggregated metrics to detailed data that clarify the whole picture.

magento 2 report filtration
what was before

Compare the current metrics with the previous period.

Comparison is the easiest way to understand the health of the business.

magento 2 report filtration

Get rid of boring, tedious tasks.
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