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Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform

Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions with Shopify custom reports.

Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
This app is awesome for reporting.
Alva Fitness, United States
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
Fantastic support! Plus it comes with some great default reports
Apnée Santé, Canada
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
So many different report types to choose from. It really helped me understand more about my sales and my inventory.
Marsden & Whittle, United Kingdom
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
This app is an excellent tool! I use it to give need-to-know information directly to team members that need it.
Trask Performance, United States
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
I really like this app as it's really easy to customise and there's a lot of flexibility with the data
Tabitha Foundation, Singapore
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
This app helped me to define our retail and wholesale average order value independently.
Little Difference, New Zealand
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
Phenomenal customer service that helped us write custom reporting for our unique business needs.
Daman Products, United States
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
Fast, customisable and accurate reporting, customer service is great, fast and efficient and always willing to help.
PA Hair Extensions, Australia
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
The reports cover pretty much all my needs.
Elly Pistol, Sweden
Shopify Reporting & Analytics Platform Mipler Reports
This app is exactly what I needed to generate detailed reports
Vino Vegas LLC, United States

Built-in and Custom Reports

Experience a Shopify reporting solution tailored to your business requirements.


50+ built-in reports

The platform offers numerous reports constructed to meet your needs. Additionally, you can build your own custom reports.

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Custom reports & fields

Easily create custom reports tailored to your specific business needs. Mipler makes it simple to add new columns, group and aggregate data, set filters, and define sort orders.


One-click export

Effortlessly export reports into supported formats: CSV, Excel XLSX, HTML, PDF, or JSON. This facilitates easy sharing, storage, and data analysis.

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Interactive dashboards

The dashboard offers a quick and easy way to access vital metrics about your store, including sales, customer information, and key performance indicators.

This keeps you up-to-date and enables informed decisions for your business.


Sales Overview

Interactive dashboards with simple navigation provide a comprehensive real-time data view and showcase important measurements all in one place.


Drag & Drop

Quickly attach relevant metrics or charts to your dashboard and delve deeper into the data as needed.

shopify custom dashboard

Email notifications

Stay informed with email notifications without the need for constant app checking.


Scheduled Emails

Mipler can automatically generate and send reports to your email on a set schedule. Customize the reports, time frames, and delivery timing.


Daily Look

The daily look email provides a summary of key metrics for assessing store health without needing to look at more detailed reports.

shopify email report

Available Data

The app is fully integrated with Shopify and allows you to build reports by:

  • Orders with meta fields
  • Order Items
  • Draft orders
  • Refunds
  • Transactions
  • Checkouts
  • Fulfillments with meta fields
  • Customers
  • Products with meta fields and attributes
  • Product Variants
  • Inventory Levels
  • Inventory History
  • Locations
  • Payouts with transactions

Pre-created Shopify Reports

Mipler Advanced Reports currently provides 61 in-depth Shopify reports and is continuously growing.

Refunds Reports

  • Refunds by Item
  • Refunds
  • Product Return Rate


  • Payouts
  • Payout Transactions


  • Transactions
  • Transactions by Gateway

Customer Reports

  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Customer Tags
  • Customers Without Orders
  • First-time vs Returning Customer Sales
  • RFM Analysis and Segmentation

GEO reports

  • Sales by Country
  • Sales by Province/State
  • Sales by City

Order Details Report

Tax Reports

Custom reports

Our support team is here to help you create a custom report that meets your analytics needs. Let us know how we can help!

Inventory Reports

Fulfillment Reports

  • Shipping Report
  • Order Pending Fulfillment
  • Unfulfilled orders
  • Fulfilled Orders
  • Products Orders
Report Templates
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