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Magento 2 Advanced Reports

Mipler Advanced Reports is an incredibly flexible and user-friendly Reporting and Business Intelligence platform for Magento 2 stores.

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Magento Reporting Platform

Connect to your Magento 2 store, receive, and visualize the needed data.


Easy 2-Minute Setup

To utilize all platform features, simply connect your Magento 2 database.


Ready-to-Use Configuration

Once the connection is set up, you can access around 30 reports and dashboards.


Real-Time Reports Only

Utilize your Magento 2 database for all platform features without any delay.

data processing

Tailored Magento 2 Reports

Immediately upon signing up, access 25+ pre-built Magento 2 reports. Customize existing reports or create new ones to suit your needs.


25+ Pre-Created Magento Reports

  • Sales Overview
  • Order Details
  • Sales by Hour of the Day
  • Sales by Day of the Week
  • Sales by Coupon Code
  • Sales by Cart Price Rule
  • Sales by Customers
  • Sales by Customer Group
  • Sales by Geodata (Country)
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • ABC Analysis
  • Slow Moving Products
  • Customers Overview
  • Sales by Payment Type
  • Sales by Tax Rates
  • Product Performance
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Attribute
  • Sales by Color, Brand, etc
  • Sales by Attribute Set
  • RFM Analysis and Segmentation
  • Customers LTV
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Abandoned Products

Create Custom Magento Reports

The platform is designed for building custom reports with existing data. Utilize built-in reports as a starting point or create new ones with ease.

magento 2 abc analysis

Magento Custom Reports Builder

Thanks to the advanced data modeling layer, the Magento 2 Advanced Reports platform can generate reports from any available data in the database.

The modern UI enables anyone to create ad-hoc reports effectively.

magento custom report builder

Powerful Filtering System

Easily apply filters by any field or aggregation and use nested filters or filters with dynamic variables.

magento 2 report filtration

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The report’s features in detail

A brief description may give you an overlook of advanced Magento 2 report functionality. However, a detailed feature review of the extension will show how it can help you increase sales and enhance your shop’s performance.

Pre-build report’s value

Our advanced reports Magento extension offers more than 25 pre-established report templates. You can use those right after the installation with no major prep work. You will gain access to widely used templates like sales by different parameters, product performance, new and existing customers, abandoned carts, etc. Each report is customizable for any specific needs.

You may gain useful insight into your shop’s efficiency using only these pre-built templates. They can help you find underperforming items, the best hours of the day for sales, the most paying customers, and more valuable data. Using this data, you may adjust your strategy and enhance the store’s performance.

Custom report builder for Magento 2

If pre-build reports cannot satisfy your needs, you can create custom ones. Our extension allows you to make templates from scratch or modify existing ones to your needs. All operations are done through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

You can move data columns with your mouse, adding, rearranging, or removing them from the report. Categories neatly organize available data. You can remove all columns and clear the report with just one click of a button. All report changes are visible in real time, so you can see how the table will look.

Our extension uses Advanced Calculation Engine (ACE for short) syntax. It helps to define dimensions, measures, joins, derived tables, and other complex data easily. You may also define, validate, and try out different metrics and formulas needed for business practices.

Reports in Magento: Visualization and delivery

Even the most useful data will only do something if it is comprehensible. This is why we provide simple and coherent visualization for any report. You may overview information through interactive dashboards. The dashboard’s layout can be customized. You may add, remove, or change the positions of widgets to customize the data display for your specific needs. Create several dashboards with different data to keep your analytics organized. Their data can also be viewed in a TV (Screenful) mode, laid out in front of you entirely.

Our extension is integrated with Google Sheets. This feature allows easy live data insertion from the app into any Sheet document. You can also make use of different charts to visualize available information. And if you need a more detailed approach – collected data can be drilled down in one click to see all the details.

Accessibility is also important, so we took care of it. Any report can be shared through a simple direct link. You may export ready reports via CSV, JSON, HTML, PDF, and XLSX formats. Dashboard can also be shared without sharing any admin rights. Automation can be achieved through scheduled emails containing certain up-to-date reports.

Advanced filtering

The filtration is no less important than collecting data itself. Our app provides you with a powerful and flexible filtration system. You have simple pre-built filters like time periods and column values on the base level. However, you may create custom complex filters with stacked conditions. This way, you can find extra specific information in the sea of data to gain deep insight into your commerce.

Make use of nested filters to dig into the details of collected information. Build complex filters using logical AND-OR conditions. Filters can also use dynamic variables that the user defines. You can also compare up-to-date information with the previous periods.

How stores benefit from Magento advanced reporting

Reports themselves are not affecting your commerce directly. However, they are a crucial tool for long-term commerce development. Businesses that want to live and thrive will eventually hit the mark where already existing business strategies will lose efficiency. With timely changes, business can retain relevance and its user base. And effective changes are only possible with insight.

Magento Advanced reports provide this insight, allowing deep analysis of the store’s performance. You can monitor product performance through reports to determine what items are worth selling. You may discover your target audience by researching geographical data, customer info, and cart contents. Determine the best days for sales, discover why customers abandon carts, etc.

All these deep commerce analytics are possible with the help of custom reports and complex filters. Coherent visualization helps you read the data. Easy sharing allows you to spread information quickly to your coworkers. With our app, you can utilize statistics to enhance your store and increase its KPIs.

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