Magento 2 Advanced Reports & Cloud BI Platform

Advanced Reports is an amazingly flexible and user-friendly Reporting and Business Intelligence platform for Magento 2 stores.

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magento 2 reporting
Cloud reporting platform

Connect to Magento 2 store. Receive and visualize data that you need.


Easy 2-minute setup

To use all platform features, you just need to connect your Magento 2 database.


Ready to use configuration

Once you set up the connection, you get access to approximately 30 reports and dashboards.


Only real-time reports

To use all platform features, you just need to connect your Magento 2 database.

data processing
Magento 2 Reports tailored to your needs

Immediately after signing up, you can use 25+ ready built-in Magento 2 reports. Additionally, you can adjust any report to your needs or build and save new reports.


25+ built-in Magento 2 reports

  • Sales Overview
  • Order Details
  • Sales by Hour of the Day
  • Sales by Day of the Week
  • Sales by Coupon Code
  • Sales by Cart Price Rule
  • Sales by Customers
  • Sales by Customer Group
  • Sales by Geodata (Country)
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • ABC Analysis
  • Slow Moving Products
  • Customers Overview
  • Sales by Payment Type
  • Sales by Tax Rates
  • Product Performance
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Attribute
  • Sales by Color, Brand, etc
  • Sales by Attribute Set
  • Customers LTV
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Abandoned Products

Custom Reports

The platform is designed to easily build reports by existing data. You can use built-in reports as bootstrap or create brand new reports in a few clicks.

magento 2 abc analysis
Magento 2 Custom Reports Builder

Thanks to the advanced data modeling layer, Magento 2 Advanced Reports platform can build any kind of report by any data available in the database.

Along with it, modern UI allows for effectively creating ad-hoc reports by everyone.

magento 2 custom report builder
Powerful filtering system

You can easily apply filtration by any field or aggregation, and use nested filters or filters with dynamic variables.

magento 2 report filtration

People are talking

Marsden & Whittle United Kingdom
This is a great app! So many different report types to choose from. It really helped me understand more about my sales and my inventory. It works great on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop. There are lots of customisation options, filters and sorting options. It really does help you maximise your use of your Shopify data. I highly recommend!
We needed some detailed reports done in order to help with our sales tax collection. Our 3rd party tax help required some specific data that was not available in the regular Shopify reports, so a Shopify rep recommended Advanced Reports. When I couldn't find exactly what I needed, I reached out for help and Denis was incredibly fast to respond and help me find exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this app!
The product is clear and simple to use and is easy to customise. It also has the option to pull pretty much any data field from our website. Plus, on the chat, team has been endlessly helpful. Not only are his answers actually solutions to my queries, he is incredibly prompt with his responses which suggest to me I can trust he is very knowledgeable of his product and understanding of customer needs. Plus he comes across as very friendly and happy to help.
Incredible support team. The support team worked with us to create terrific custom fields and reports. They did all the heavy lifting and really cleaned up our data!
So much information at our fingertips! Love the ability to customize reports to view information when and how I need to see it. Support has been great, Denis has been a great help!
High Camp Flasks United Kingdom
Really great reporting app! It helped us do everything we needed and more. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for more in-depth reporting.

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