Mipler Data Flow Data Transformation, Wrangling, Cleanup, and Reporting

Data Automation - it's time-saving and error-avoidant.

Mipler Data Flow is essentially Excel combined with node-based visual programming and data interfaces. It's very effective for manipulating datasets that are difficult to handle manually or with other tools.

data workflow automation

Extract, Transform, and Push data the way you need it. No code required.

Extract data from various sources

The first step in data processing is always the same - acquiring the data. The service allows you to conveniently obtain data from various systems, such as Google Sheets, Shopify, and CSV files.

Additionally, there is the option to make direct API requests to a wide range of diverse systems.

Within a single workflow, you can utilize several different sources and, at subsequent stages, transform or merge the data as needed.

Transform and manipulate data without code

Depending on the input data and the expected outcome, data transformation can involve several simple steps or dozens of complex operations.

However, in any case, we provide a full range of ready-made steps covering work with tabular data, JSON data, and other structured formats.

With just a few clicks, you can transform JSON into a table, remove unnecessary columns, merge the table with other tables, filter data, and proceed to work with the results.

Handle results or pass them to external systems

Data Automation is a significant acceleration of data-related processes. Once you have the results, you can do anything with them:

  • Save them to Google Sheets or Airtable for further use
  • Update inventory or product prices through API requests.
  • Generate filled PDF invoices for couriers.
  • Send them via email to colleagues, and so on.
Workflow automation can save a lot of time... so let's invest 15 minutes now to save hours later.
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No-code data workflow automation

Mipler Data Workflow is essentially Excel with node-based visual programming and data interfaces. It's highly effective for manipulating datasets, which can be challenging to accomplish in Zapier.

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