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Quick Overview of Shopify Inventory Value Report

Unlock the power of Inventory Value Reports.
Learn how to build, understand, and use inventory value reports.

Conventionally, all inventory reports can be divided into 3 groups by reporting period:

Shopify Inventory Value Report

Inventory value reports provide you with precise quantitative information about the products and variants available in your locations (warehouses).

Unlike other inventory reports, the inventory value report is based only on actual stock quantities on a date:

  • month-end inventory value
  • day-end inventory value
  • current inventory value (inventory on hand), and so on.
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In general cases, an inventory value report provides stock quantity, cost, and total cost for each product or product variant that is available in your Shopify store. Additionally, the report can include the actual product price, margin rate, potential profit, etc.

By default, the report is grouped by SKU (i.e., one product - one row in the report), but for other tasks, the report can be grouped by Inventory Locations, Vendor Names, Suppliers, or even by the product's ABC class.

Key Definitions

  • Financial Quantity (Total Available, Quantity) - the total quantity of physical inventory.
  • Ending Quantity - the total quantity at the end of the reporting period.
  • Cost - the cost of purchased merchandise.
  • Price - the price of the product for the end-user.
  • Total Inventory Cost - SUM(Quantity × Cost)
  • Margin Rate, % - (Price ÷ Cost - 1) × 100%
  • Potential Profit, $ - Total Price - Total Cost

Inventory Value Report Examples

Below, we have collected different variations of inventory value reports that can be generated in Shopify or with our app. In addition to built-in reports, you can build custom Shopify reports with your own columns and filters.

Common Inventory Value Report

An inventory value report (also known as Inventory on Hand) shows the cost and quantity of inventory at this moment. The report typically includes the total value of all items in inventory, with a breakdown by SKU.

Live Example of Shopify Inventory Value Report

Inventory value reports are used to track inventory performance and to make decisions about inventory management (increase or reduce stock).

Shopify inventory value report
Example of Shopify Inventory Value Report

Inventory Value Report by Location

Inventory value by location is a report in Mipler: Advanced Reports app, along with 10+ other built-in inventory reports.

Live Example of Shopify Locations Overview Report

* Products, Variants Count - total number of unique SKUs

* the total number of products and variants doesn't match the sum of row values because different locations have the same SKUs.

Locations Name Products Count Product Variants Count Inventory Levels Total Available Inventory Items Total Cost
3400 Richmond Pkwy #2124 24 141 811 $38,918.00
241 New Jersey Rd, NJ 08030 85 443 87 $12,718.70
109 584 898 $51,636.70
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Inventory value report with a pivot by Location

Inventory by Location report provides a detailed analysis of your Shopify inventory value, broken down by location. By pivoting the data by location, you can gain insights into how inventory splitter by location in an easy-to-read view.

Live example of Shopify Inventory Report by Locations
shopify inventory by location report
Example of Shopify Inventory Report by Warehouse Location

Inventory value report by Vendor

ProductsVendor Inventory LevelsTotal Available Inventory ItemsCost Inventory ItemsTotal Cost
Hugo 671 $58.00 $38,918.00
Arma 460 $58.00 $26,680.00
Simo&Raim 12 $17.00 $204.00
729 $65,802.00

Inventory value report by ABC class

ProductsABC Class Inventory LevelsTotal Available Inventory ItemsCost Inventory ItemsTotal Cost
A ### $##.## $##.##
B ### $##.## $##.##
C ### $##.## $##.##
### $##.##
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