Magento 2 Custom Reports

Magento 2 is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce. By default, it provides several built-in reports, but it lacks the ability to create custom reports. Mipler solves this problem and allows you to create custom reports of any complexity and operate with all available data in the database.

Create Magento 2 Custom Reports Tailored to Your Needs

The default data model for Magento 2 provides all the key columns required to build essential reports, including reports on sales, products, customers, and more. The intuitive interface allows you to create reports by selecting columns from the built-in data model.

This allows for a seamless and user-friendly experience in generating insightful reports tailored to your business needs.

Magento 2 report builder

What custom reports can be generated in Magento?

Utilizing the Magento 2 custom report module, anyone can build reports that previously required deep knowledge in SQL queries and data visualization. The Magento 2 custom report tool creates its advanced reports directly from database through the user-friendly interface.

This dramatically reduces time for crafting any custom reports Magento can offer. In magento 2 Create custom report for the following, among other:

  • Sales analysis. Delve into the heart of business's performance through comprehensive custom sales reports Magento offers. Unveil a treasure trove of data, revealing total revenue figures, best-selling items, trends across different product categories, customer group preferences, and geographical sales distribution.
  • Client analysis. Unlock the secrets of store's customer base with the aid of this type of custom report Magento can generate. Dive into a wealth of information including demographics, the lifetime value of the clientele, the distribution of new and loyal clientele.
  • Product performance analysis. In Magento create custom report for sold goods to explore and uncover essential details about a product lineup suggested to clients. Delve into data showcasing best-selling SKUs, along with the highest-performing categories. Get the info on inventory status, product visibility, and the rates at which products are converted into sales.
  • Stock management insights. Utilize a Magento custom report for inventory to streamline stock flow while reducing expenses on its control procedures. In Magento add custom reports highlighting current stock levels, notifications for low inventory, products that are out of stock, and the rate at which inventory is turned over.
  • Orders insights. Build Magento order custom report that presents a range of opportunities for constructing personalized reports on orders to meet specific needs. Utilize these reports to examine targeted metrics, customer groups, or performance indicators (KPIs) pertinent to the business.
  • Shipping and order completion analysis. Monitor the duration it takes to complete orders through this report. It evaluates various stages such as order processing, shipping, and delivery times, aiding in the enhancement of fulfillment procedures. By reducing order processing times and ensuring prompt deliveries, it contributes to enhancing customer satisfaction levels.
  • Analyzing abandoned carts situations. With this report, businesses can identify when customers leave items in their online carts without finishing their purchases. By examining factors like high shipping costs or a complicated checkout process, this report assists in plans to regain potential sales.
  • Analyzing sales across customer categories. Utilizing the Magento custom report extension to build this type of analysis, businesses can categorize sales. Understanding sales by customer groups, including retail, wholesale, and VIP customers is a key method to evaluate sales patterns across different segments. This analysis aids in tailoring marketing approaches, offering targeted deals, and fine-tuning pricing strategies to suit the preferences of diverse customer groups.

How to write custom reports for Magento

Harnessing the power of creating custom report Magento offers can transform e-commerce insights by utilizing data available in the store database.

In case you have a question for Magento how to create a custom report, kickstart the process by installing and configuring the extension tailored to Magento version used in the store. Dive into the extension's dashboard within Magento admin to discover a plethora of report templates and customization features.

Customize reports according to any unique requirements of the business by selecting metrics, date ranges, and filters. Explore advanced features such as data visualization tools to enhance the clarity of the generated reports. Once the store manager finishes to create custom reports in Magento admin, they can preview it to ensure it includes every required data column.

The automated generation of the report allows staying updated on key metrics, facilitating data-driven strategies and optimizing store's performance. To get started immediately, Magento custom reports tutorial may be helpful.

This allows for a seamless and user-friendly experience in generating insightful reports tailored to specific business needs.

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