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Advertising Shopify: How to Promote Your Store for Free & Paid

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Oleksandra Petrenko
Advertising Shopify: How to Promote Your Store for Free & Paid

For any Shopify store owner, increasing conversions is the difference between surviving and thriving. But simply having a fantastic goods catalog is not enough in a cutthroat online marketplace. You must build a multi-channel strategy to increase awareness and solidify yourself as a brand authority.

This article equips you with a variety of Shopify promotion strategies, both free and paid, to establish your Shopify store and watch your conversions soar. We will also review how you can measure and analyze your marketing performance. At Mipler, we help Shopify stores collect and visualize data reports in a few clicks and turn them into actionable insights. Let’s start!

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How to market your Shopify store?

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High-performance promotions of Shopify are the missing puzzle pieces that help to achieve your store's maximum potential. Here are our tips to leverage all the opportunities of the social media market on a full scale:

1. Focus on hyper-targeted audiences

Go beyond demographics. With advanced targeting mechanisms on social media platforms, your store can reach users with certain interests, purchasing behaviors, and even life events. For example, if you want to reach young parents, think of "baby registries" keywords.

2. Cooperate with influencers

Create a list of influencers in your niche with 10,000-50,000 followers. They often boast higher engagement rates compared to mega-influencers, driving targeted sales and advertising your Shopify store.

3. Use retargeting marketing for your Shopify store

Remind users who haven’t bought anything yet, about your store and catalog items. Retargeting advertisements with promotions or usage tips can nudge them for that final purchase.

4. Analyze data

Compare and measure the success of various ads, formats of content, and email newsletters. Track KPIs such as click-through rates (CTR) or conversions to customize your promo content for maximum impact.

Best Ways to Advertise Shopify Store

How to Market Shopify Store for Free

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Even with a limited budget, you can implement an assortment of tactics and learn how to advertise your Shopify store for free:

Social Media Marketing for Shopify Store:

  • Your store doesn’t have to be present on every platform. Identify the top 2-3 channels your potential buyers frequent and prioritize delivering promotions there.
  • Craft content that goes beyond just sales of goods and grabs user attention. Repost content from your audience, insider news, and company updates to strengthen followers' loyalty.
    • Present your goods and services with top-quality visuals and creative angles.
    • Reshare photo and video content from happy clients enjoying your products. This social proof will help you to build trust among your customers.
    • Offer a glance at the company’s story, production process, or team culture to forge meaningful relationships with your followers.
    • Share interesting and captivating industry content, developing a thought leader brand and drawing the attention of your audience.
  • To bring excitement and real-time engagement, utilize live video features to host interactive Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, or even flash sales.
    • Address product inquiries, provide buying tips, and strengthen connections with potential clients.
    • Show product usage situations, point out key features, and communicate with visitors live to foster a more immersive experience.
    • Generate excitement with live-streamed promotions to stimulate sales.

Content Marketing for Shopify

  • Conduct in-depth industry research, identify trending topics, and build a thought leader image to solve your audience's problems by publishing expert content. Identify questions your customers are asking and write engaging posts, articles, or infographics that can help your followers solve issues and get solutions from a trusted resource.
  • Go beyond basic keyword research. Don't prioritize popular and generic online inquiries. Utilize long-tail keywords with lower competition but higher purchase intent. These phrases are more specific and often indicate a user is willing to purchase something, hence attracting valuable leads to your Shopify store.

Email Marketing Secrets

  • Customize your mailing list beyond purchase history and take into account details like demographics, interests, and previous engagement to design newsletters that engage different user groups and drive more CTRs.
  • Highlight website visitors who have abandoned carts and include them in the mailing list to prompt them to review abandoned goods and motivate them to complete a purchase offering a lower price.
  • Create a captivating automated newsletter for new subscribers. Enrich your letters with interesting data, discounts, and company stories to encourage long-term engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your website to notice and fix crawl errors, broken links, or slow-loading issues that hinder your position in search results. A fast website with clear navigation is essential to advertise the Shopify store.
  • Implement structured data markup on your catalog. This provides search engines with richer product data, potentially increasing chances of appearing in rich snippets and knowledge panels for relevant search queries. Rich snippets can dramatically raise your position in search results.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Mechanisms

  • Host creative contests that motivate your clients to submit content presenting your goods in unique ways. Offer exciting prizes like free presents, gift cards, and discounts to motivate participation and bring a wave of authentic promotion for your company.
    • Run a contest where customers submit photos of themselves using the product while traveling. It will generate UGC and leverage the travel trend to pop up in the feeds of a broader audience.
  • Develop an advocacy program that rewards clients for sharing positive reviews and referrals.
    • Stimulate the advocacy of loyal users by offering exclusive discounts.
    • Give regular clients a preliminary showing of new collections to excite and stimulate referrals.
    • Develop a tiered loyalty program with exclusive rewards for higher levels of engagement, like extra points for a higher purchase value.

By using the free promotion strategies listed above, you can solidify your store's marketing efforts. Now let's explore paid options on how to advertise the Shopify store to amplify your audience growth further.

Paid Promotion Strategies for Shopify Stores

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In the competitive world of e-commerce, organic reach alone is insufficient to propel your webstore to the top. Here's where paid promotion strategies come into play, empowering brands to target your high-quality leads and strategically enhance sales. This section delves into expert-level tactics on how to promote the Shopify store.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising of Shopify Stores

  • While Google Ads remains a powerhouse, explore complementary solutions like Microsoft Advertising and Bing Ads to fuel brand discovery with potentially lower competition. Consider niche-specific ad networks for even more targeted reach.
  • Move beyond basic keyword stuffing. When creating text content, focus on your users' needs and issues, pique their curiosity, and stimulate them to open your catalog. Compare unique content variations to spot the highest-performing options.
  • Redesign your landing page to convert clicks into sales. Use engaging calls to action (CTAs), and splendid product photos, and highlight any unique promotions mentioned in ad copy.

Paid Social Media Advertising for Shopify

  • Utilize Facebook Ads' and Instagram Ads' powerful targeting features to personalize ads. Adjust your promo text to reach specific customer segments and gauge audience engagement.
    • Try to reach an audience interested in related products, industries, or hobbies.
    • Prioritize users who recently purchased matching goods or expressed interest in relevant content.
    • Utilize Facebook's Lookalike Audiences feature to reach users with similar characteristics to your regular clients to find high-value prospects.
  • Utilize analytics dashboards within Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram Ads to analyze crucial measurements like impressions, CTRs, and conversion rates. Test and compare various ad placements, parameters, and visual elements to find efficient combinations and customize your promos for maximum ROI of advertising your Shopify store.
  • Go beyond static image ads. Explore captivating video content, carousel ads with multiple items, and even Instagram Story ads to boost engagement and stand out among competitors.
    • Draw attention with short, captivating video ads that dynamically highlight unique features and advantages of your goods.
    • Utilize carousel ads to promote multiple items or set variations within a single ad, allowing viewers to swipe through and discover more.
    • Use Instagram Story ads to communicate with followers on a platform where they spend significant time. Create eye-catching, vertical video promotions that blend seamlessly with organic stories.

Influencer Marketing

  • Go beyond vanity metrics like follower count. Look for micro-influencers with 10,000-50,000 followers who focus on engaging audiences and establishing a close emotional bond with followers who can be potentially ready to buy your products.
  • Cooperate closely with influencers to present your brand in a natural and relatable way and avoid overly scripted or promotional content. Instead, prioritize spontaneous style promos that emphasize your goods' value proposition within the influencer's niche.
  • Establish clear goals and KPIs before launching promo campaigns with influencers. Utilize trackable affiliate links with unique codes specific to the influencer campaign. By doing so, you can measure the outcome of influencer partnerships on website traffic, sales generated through their unique link, and recognition through coupon code usage.

Retargeting Campaigns

  • Suppose you notice that many users leave your website without making a purchase. In that case, you can utilize retargeting pixels placed strategically on key pages of your website such as product or cart abandonment pages. Later you can remind these users about your catalog with targeted ads showing the items they viewed or similar recommendations.
  • Implement dynamic retargeting for maximum impact. With this feature you can display ads featuring the exact goods a potential customer viewed in your store, increasing the chances of them returning to complete their purchase.
  • Utilize conversion tracking tools like Shopify Pixel or Google Analytics to meticulously measure retargeting campaigns’ success. Analyze which products perform best in retargeting ads, customize your ad creatives for higher conversions, and refine your targeting parameters.

By executing the paid promotion strategies listed above, your business can discover new audiences, reignite interest from previous visitors, and convert more high-value customers.


Successful advertisement is the oxygen that ignites your store's potential. As we've explored, a strategic mix of free and paid approaches and the best ways to advertise Shopify store. You now possess a powerful arsenal of tactics to attract new clients and nurture brand loyalty with social media campaigns, cooperation with influencers, and setting up retargeting to reach users who did not make a purchase.

At Mipler we know how to leverage the power of marketing data to drive your sales. With us, you can easily create advanced reports for your Shopify store without extra hassle. Use these insights to try and customize various approaches, analyze the data to see your audience preferences, and refine your tactics for continuous improvement.

Experiment with different strategies, and watch your Shopify business blossom!

How Mipler can help

Our FAQ section dives into some of the most common questions regarding Shopify store promotion:

How can I promote my Shopify store?

There are many ways to advertise your Shopify store, both free and paid. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Free Promotion: Promote your goods on social media, write captivating blog posts, send newsletters, and optimize your website’s SEO to stimulate your users to create content for your brand and grow awareness organically.
  • Paid Promotion: Explore paid advertising options like targeted promo on social media, cooperate with bloggers and influencers, and set up retargeting to capture the attention of an interested audience and spike targeted sales.

What are the best ways to advertise my Shopify store?

The best advertising method relies on factors such as financial scope, target niche, and industry. However, some highly effective strategies on how to promote Shopify store include:

  • Social media: Build awareness among your potential clients with target advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Micro-influencer marketing: Engage relevant influencers with interested audiences to present your goods authentically.
  • Retargeting campaigns: Remind the store visitors who haven't made a purchase yet about the products they viewed with targeted ads.

How to promote the Shopify store for free?

There's a lot your store can achieve with free marketing tricks! Below are some common options:

  • Content marketing: Write interesting and captivating blog posts, articles, or infographics around your industry’s topic to establish yourself as a thought leader and bring more organic traffic to your store.
  • Social media marketing: Attract your visitors with creative content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest.
  • Email marketing: Divide your newsletter campaigns and adjust content to distinct customer groups. By doing so you can personalize your emails to reach out to different users.

Is there advertising available directly on Shopify?

While Shopify doesn't have a built-in advertising platform, it seamlessly integrates with popular advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads. You can manage your campaigns directly from those platforms.

How can I use email marketing to promote my Shopify store?

Email marketing is an important part of attracting new clients to your Shopify store. Here is how:

  • Segmentation
    Create different customer groups based on factors like purchase history, geographical zone, age, interests, and past engagement to craft highly customized email newsletters and reach out to various audiences and yield higher engagement.
  • Newsletters for New Customers
    Create a captivating email series for new clients. Enrich content with valuable resources, and extra discounts. Introduce subscribers to your company’s story to nurture relationships and encourage long-term engagement.
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