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Shopify Vendor Royalties Report

Shopify Vendor Summary Payout


The main goal of this report is to calculate royalties per supplier based on the total sales and commission rate (per vendor, product type, or even product).

Royalties Per Order Item

Order ItemsVendorOrdersNameOrdersProcessed At · DateOrder ItemsProduct NameOrder ItemsVariant NameProduct VariantsPriceOrder ItemsComission RateOrder ItemsComission
Vendor A#1253Jun 1, 2022Sunflower Home Heart16"x20"$26.956%$1.62
Vendor A#1260Jun 1, 2022Spring Gardening16"x20"$46.956%$2.82
Vendor A#1260Jun 1, 2022The Potting Bench16"x20"$46.956%$2.82
Vendor A#1262Jun 1, 2022Lakeside View16"x20"$26.956%$1.62
Vendor A#1338Jun 6, 2022The Potting Bench16"x20"$26.956%$1.62
Vendor A#1339Jun 6, 2022Spring Gardening16"x20"$26.956%$1.62
Vendor A#1410Jun 9, 2022Owls16"x20"$46.956%$2.82
Vendor B#1325Jun 5, 2022Sum Reflections16"x20" DIY Frame$36.956%$1.62
Vendor C#1272Jun 2, 2022Along the River16"x20"$26.955%$1.35
Vendor C#1272Jun 2, 2022Along the River16"x20"$26.955%$1.35
Vendor C#1297Jun 4, 2022Sea Whispers16"x20"$26.955%$1.35
Vendor C#1317Jun 5, 2022Sea Whispers16"x20"$26.955%$1.35
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Royalties Report By Vendor

Order ItemsVendorOrder ItemsComission RateOrder ItemsComission
Vendor A6%$14.92
Vendor B6%$1.62
Vendor C5%$5.39
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