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Shopify Payout Report

Shopify Payout Summary Transactions
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Payouts Report

PayoutsDate · DatePayoutsStatusPayout TransactionsCountPayoutsTotal Charges Fee AmountPayoutsTotal Amount
May 30, 2022paid2$4.14$60.86
May 29, 2022paid3$9.42$140.04
May 27, 2022paid3$10.56$158.26
May 26, 2022in_transit42$67.03$1,810.12
May 26, 2022paid2$4.02$58.98
May 25, 2022paid2$5.23$78.27
May 24, 2022paid2$4.02$58.98
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Payout Transactions Report

Payout TransactionsProcessed At · DatePayout TransactionsTypePayout TransactionsCountPayout TransactionsTotal AmountPayout TransactionsTotal Net AmountPayout TransactionsTotal Fee Amount
May 30, 2022charge7$297.33$284.64$12.69
May 30, 2022payout1$-60.86$-60.86$0.00
May 29, 2022charge7$440.01$420.66$19.35
May 29, 2022payout1$-140.04$-140.04$0.00
May 28, 2022charge2$103.20$99.60$3.60
May 27, 2022charge4$187.83$178.29$9.54
May 27, 2022payout1$-158.26$-158.26$0.00
May 26, 2022charge5$268.67$255.31$13.36
May 26, 2022payout1$-58.98$-58.98$0.00
May 25, 2022charge10$573.25$551.10$22.15
May 25, 2022payout2$-1,888.39$-1,888.39$0.00
May 24, 2022charge4$214.00$204.70$9.30
May 24, 2022payout1$-58.98$-58.98$0.00
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