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Shopify Inventory Management Blog

Shopify Inventory Reports: all you need to know Feb 06, 2024

When dealing with Shopify inventory management on your own, reports are the best help you can get. Effective planning and tracking, especially for larger shops, is no work for pen and paper. Today, we offer you a comprehensive article on inve

How to calculate the reorder point in Shopify? Jan 26, 2024

E-commerce heavily relies on proper inventory management. Failing to account for resupply shipping delays, increased demand, or low stock can halt trading and hinder your revenue. On top of that, many Shopify merchants have a few warehouses f

Sales velocity in Shopify: All you need to know to succeed Jan 19, 2024

Inventory management is an essential part of running a store. Knowing how fast your stock gets sold out will help you plan replenishment and assess the effectiveness of your business strategy. Today, we will discuss sales velocity in Shopify

Shopify Demand Planning & Inventory Forecasting: How to Do It Successfully Updated: Jan 15, 2024

Accurate forecasting of necessary inventory and demand planning is a constant operational activity for any store that operates with its own warehouses. Precise forecasting helps avoid two critical situations: Stockouts of

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