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Mipler Flow is a tool designed to perform a wide range of data manipulation tasks alongside integration with different platforms and services.

Flow can be used as a reporting or exporting tool, a data preparation or wrangling solution, and as a data consolidation platform or analytics tool.

A wide range of different usages is possible by using the concept of step-by-step transformation (or flow). Each step performs a "simple" task. However, by combining these steps into chains, the number of complex tasks that can be solved grows dramatically.

Mipler Flow proves the concept of step-by-step processing in many industries for various tasks:

  • Tax Analytics
  • Finance Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • HR & Talent Analytics
  • Product & User Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Customer Analytics

Furthermore, thanks to HTTP Request and database steps, Flow can handle tasks such as updating data in external databases, ETL-related tasks, and much more.

If you have any questions about usage, expressions, or configuration, feel free to contact us at