An accurate Web Analytics for Shopify

Mipler Analytics is an intuitive and lightweight web analytics tool designed especially for e-commerce.
It combines advanced approaches to web analytics with real sales data, ensuring a 100% correspondence of indicators to real values.

  • GDPR & CCPA compliant
  • No tech expertise needed
  • No credit-card required

Google Analytics and similar applications are indeed powerful solutions oriented towards a wide range of applications. Google Analytics is used on 86% of websites, but therein lies one of the key problems - in attempting to cover a broad spectrum of usage, they poorly cater to a rather specific type of website - online stores.

An online store doesn't need the majority of Google Analytics' features, but those 10% that it does need should be maximally functional.

Just imagine web analytics that not only operates on URLs but knows everything about your store: what products you sell, the hierarchy of categories, pages with filters, customer profiles, order and return history, available payment methods, and so on. Analytics where there's value behind every page. It's incredible.

By combining typical approaches with store data, you get truly unique possibilities within web and ecommerce analytics.

Shopify analytics as it should be

Our task is to provide you with collected and prepared data that will enable you to draw correct conclusions

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Precision, Simplicity, Functionality - our contribution to your success

GA4 is too complex for everyday use and quite imprecise. We offer a solution that addresses these issues by integrating store data and web analytics data.

E-commerce analytics as it should be

Web analytics encompasses hundreds of different metrics, but for ecommerce, only a few key ones are important. We gather these key web metrics together and integrate them with real catalog and sales data.

Track important performance metrics

Each entity in the store has its own performance indicators. At the product level, it's important to know the number of visitors, engagement, sales, and SEO metrics. At the customer level, it's LTV, RFM, and loyalty.

Analyze across different segments

You can analyze indicators both by individual items or categories, as well as by manually created segments. Segments can combine indicators by items, customer types, customer groups, traffic types, and so on.

Integration with Google Search Console

The Search Console provides invaluable data regarding current positions and potential traffic. By examining the data dynamically, you can observe many interesting trends and, more importantly, opportunities.

From broad observation to microscope

From overall analytics across the entire catalog to dissecting a specific visitor or cart with just a few clicks. You can view both general analytics across all product groups and explore metrics and trends for specific products.

Online and offline event tracking in a few lines

Quite often there are situations when data does not get into analytics because your or others' actions went through the store's admin panel. We offer tracking of all events somehow related to an order, customer, or product.

Checkout funnel, touches, path to purchase, and more

It's hard to find ways to improve without having objective data on the current situation. Our task is to provide you with collected and prepared data that will allow you to draw the right conclusions.

Perfect customer and order attribution

What marketing sources are most effective, which channels were engaged prior to placing each specific order, how many emails did the client receive before ordering - analytics answers all these questions!


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and ROI (Return on Investment) are important metrics to understand marketing efforts. Mipler Analytics integrates with the most popular ad platforms (Meta Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, Instagram) to track spending, improve order attribution, and build analytics reports on ad effectiveness.

E-commerce Customer Cohort Analysis

Customers are the most important assets for e-commerce. That's why focusing on better understanding your customers is always profitable. Across dozens of different reports and metrics related to customer behavior, we also provide cohort analysis by different parameters, which allows you to predict the future and align your strategy.

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360° view of eCommerce performance analytics

Mipler Analytics consists of several key components and features that provide comprehensive web analytics tailored to ecommerce.

Product Performance Analysis

Product analytics is one of the main types of analytics, as product sales generate revenue for the online store. Product analytics encompasses dozens of different reports. In turn, we offer a unified tool that integrates sales with web analytics. In one report, you can see the ABC classification of all products in your catalog, traffic, sales, and conversion. If necessary, each report can be filtered using saved filters or products/sales can be segmented.

Customers Analysis

Customer analysis is another powerful tool in the Mipler Analytics suite. It allows you to study customer behavior, identify general trends, calculate CLV, segment customers using the RFM approach, and much more.

Segmentation and Filtration

Segmentation allows you to divide products or clients into different segments based on characteristics, and then conduct analysis or build reports based on these segments, rather than individual items. This allows, for example, comparing the performance of new products with products that have been sold for a long time, studying the behavior of customers who have placed 2 or more orders, and so on.

SEO Analysis

Thanks to integration with Google Search Console, our system allows you to receive information on queries and potential traffic directly within the application interface, as well as analyze trends in the popularity changes of various product groups.

Access to raw data and modification of historical data

A common problem faced by owners of online stores is the lack of access to original (unsampled) data and, more importantly, the inability to make changes to data/events that have already been saved. This leads to inaccurate metrics and, as a result, distrust in the analytics.

In our analytics solution, we have implemented a mechanism for exporting both raw data and the ability to make changes to it. For example, you can add internal IP addresses to ignore traffic after noticing their impact on metrics. You can delete analytical data associated with the work of your developers in the store, and you can even replace page URLs if the store was not functioning correctly during a particular day.

Lightweight pixel for maintaining fast store speed

Owners of online stores often encounter situations where Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager scripts adversely affect Google Pagespeed or GTMetrix scores due to their significant size, causing delays in the execution of other scripts on the site.

Thanks to our analytics being specifically tailored for ecommerce, our script weighs tens of times less, allowing you even to host it from your server, executing frontend requests entirely within your domain and transmitting data through the backend portion.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

No matter the size of your business, our software is tailor-made for you!


Good for a fast start in a new area - e-commerce performance analytics.


  • Real-time dashboard
  • Daily orders, products, customers synchronization
  • Common event tracking
  • Free email and chat support


Perfect for a growing e-commerce business that realizes the value of analytics.


  • Real-time dashboard
  • Connect up to 5 bank accounts
  • Hourly orders, products, customers synchronization
  • Common event tracking
  • Free email and chat support
  • Custom online and offline events
  • Customers' Attribution


Large e-commerce, thousands of customers, thousands of products - that's the plan for you.


  • Real-time dashboard
  • Daily orders, products, customers synchronization
  • Common event tracking
  • Free email and chat support
  • Custom online and offline events
  • Customers' Attribution
  • API access to `raw` data
  • Postpone event modifications

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just book a live demo with our specialist or email us at

    • What ecommerce platforms do you support?

      Currently, our primary focus is on Magento and Shopify e-commerce platforms.

    • Do you offer a free trial?

      Yes, we provide a 14-day fully-featured trial with the ability to extend for another 14 days.

    • Can I still use Google Analytics with your app?

      Yes, you don't need to disable existing services in your store to use Mipler Analytics. You can use GA4 for one task and Mipler Analytics for another.

    • Do you follow GDPR, CCPA, PECR?

      Yes, our solution is cookieless, which means you don't even need to ask customers to accept anything.

    • Do you follow GDPR, CCPA, PECR?

      Yes, our solution is cookieless, which means you don't even need to ask customers to accept anything.

    • Is Mipler Analytics an alternative to Google Analytics?

      Yes and no. On one hand, we cover much of the functionality needed for web analytics, but since Mipler Analytics is specifically oriented towards ecommerce, it does not cover all potential use cases of Google Analytics. It is also worth noting that you can use both analytics tools simultaneously.

    • What is the difference between Google Analytics 4 and Mipler Analytics?

      We have been working with e-commerce for over 10 years and have identified many areas for improvement and alternative approaches.

      The main drawback of GA, apart from the complexity in obtaining necessary reports, is the inaccuracy of data. An increasing number of users are using ad-blockers, which prevents accurate tracking of customer journeys and conversions. In general, the amount of lost data often reaches 10-20%.

      Another significant drawback is the absence of a simple mechanism to add events via code (offline event tracking).

      Our system allows bypassing all these limitations, and by combining online and offline event tracking, achieving 100% accuracy.

    • What is the difference between Mipler Analytics and Mixpanel?

      Mixpanel is a very powerful system for tracking customer behavior. However, since it is designed for a wide range of applications, its use in conjunction with e-commerce requires quite a cumbersome integration, and even this does not allow achieving the convenience and completeness in working with the data that modern e-commerce businesses operate with.

      In turn, our analytics system is specifically designed for e-commerce and already contains all the settings necessary for a quick start on Magento 2 or Shopify.