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ACE (Advanced Calculations Engine) is a formula language used in Mipler for data analysis and modeling. Here are some key concepts related to ACE:

  • Dimensions: Dimension is a column in a table that contains categorical or descriptive data, such as product names, customer IDs, or dates. Dimensions are used to group and filter data and provide context for measures. For example, a date dimension might include columns for year, month, and day, allowing data to be aggregated and filtered by time period.

  • Measures: Measure is a column in a table that contains numeric data that aggregated, such as sales amounts or quantities. Measures are used to perform calculations and provide insights into the data. For example, a measure might calculate the total sales revenue for a given time period.

  • ACE functions: ACE functions are built-in functions that can be used in ACE expressions to perform calculations and transformations on data. There are over 60 ACE functions available, including mathematical functions, time intelligence functions, and text functions.

Overall, ACE provides a powerful set of tools for working with data in a dynamic and flexible way, allowing for sophisticated data analysis and modeling.