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Advanced Reports - What's new?

· 4 min read
Denis Nazarenko

The Advanced Reports App for getting deep analytics for any Shopify store recently has got an overhaul. Advanced Reports app gained lots of new functionality, its interface became simpler and cleaner. Of course, we couldn't leave our customers without technical innovations and new reports as well.

Favorite reports & Tags

Keep your favorite reports at your fingertips at all times. Just click on the star icon near the report to add it to your favorite reports and pin it at the top.


For faster navigation, we have added tags to each report. Now you can quickly filter the reports you want with one click.


AI Sorting for Reports and Columns

Every time you open a report or add a column, you raise the position of those reports or columns. Thus, based on the experience of several thousand users, we show the most relevant items higher in the list. And reports and columns that are used less frequently will be placed lower. ### Custom Dashboards Collect all your favorite reports on one dashboard. Just click the pin icon on the report window to add it to the Dashboard. You can access the reports collected in one place from the Dashboards menu on the navigation bar at the top of the page.


Our customers complained that sometimes it is hard to understand, for example which orders are included in the report grouped by day or by product. We heard that and now gladly offer you a solution. Just click on the value in the column Number Of Orders > View Orders to see the orders that are included in such a report.


The same action is available for the Total Quantity column.


Fast Filters

Want to quickly build a report on a particular product? Easy! Just click on the product name and select Filter By This Value.


Want to quickly apply a filter by a customer? Even easier!


Rename Columns

You don't think the original column names are intuitive enough? Okay, now you can rename them for custom reports under Edit Columns > Section: Table Options


Business Intelligence Reports

We thought that reports that build on existing data and show past sales are a good thing. But we would like you to look into the future and see something using analytics. So we added the Inventory Planner report.


This report came out incredibly cool. It uses last month's product sales data and uses that data to predict how many products you will buy in the next 3 weeks and how many more products you need to reorder. “Great, but what about products without sales”, -  you ask? We have a solution to this issue as well. The Dead Inventory report will show you products with no sales in the last 30 days or no sales at all.


You can also see how much money is frozen in such products. It's a good time to make a sale and free up resources to buy more liquid goods, which will lead to an increase in profits.

UTM Reports

Running various promotional campaigns? Then you'll want to know the effectiveness of these campaigns. We've added three reports: UTM Source, UTM Campaign and UTM Medium. Now you can track which customers came to your site via a promo campaign and find out which products they purchased. Very useful!

Pivot Tables

This option changes the presentation of the report. For example, a report grouped by months looks like this:


Each month is presented in a new row and each product is duplicated for each month. With Pivot Tables, products are not duplicated for each month. Instead, each month is added as a separate column instead of a separate row.


Live chat

Analyzing the requests of our customers, we have understood that many requests are urgent, high-priority, and important. Requests that need to be solved as quickly as possible. That's why we thought it was a good idea to have a live chat so that customers could contact us easily and get an answer as quickly as possible. Feel free to check and ask how I'm doing, I'll be happy to answer.

Get a 20% discount on subscription

We've added annual subscriptions with which you can save 20% in comparison to monthly subscriptions.