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· 12 min read
Denis Nazarenko

How reporting is done in Shopify

Analytics to boost sales and revenue

There are several types of how a store can depict the statistics available in its Shopify database. These summary papers in at large can be divided on general and subtle that include specifics.

In admin panel a manager can obtain reporting functionality based on classes presented inthe embedded Shopify reports app . Any of the aforementioned sections are established according to the type of the result being depicted. For example, the summary paper "Sales Over Time" serves as a tool for understanding how sales are going in a general picture.

The rundown of accessible statistics depiction tools is widespread for any store, but the specific reports that can be utilized by a storekeeper rely upon the membership plan empowered in the company.

· One min read
Oleksandr Drok

We’ve updated the data model for Shopify and added 2 brand new reports by Shopify Payouts and Payout Transactions.

Shopify Payouts Report